The Daily Tweets 2011-02-06: Ignoring the Stuporbowl

A lot of people love the Superbowl.  I don’t.  I think it’s boring (much as I feel about American football in general).  So instead I went out writing, thus leaving the TV free for my kid’s girlfriend, who likes the Superbowl: win-win.

  • Gay Alaskan joins AmeriCorps, makes it better for himself and other youth via @AddThis #
  • Enjoying the Superbowl by completely ignoring it & all its boring hype & instead writing at the Sugarspoon. #fb #
  • Guess I should avoid Twitter today too. It’s all about Superbowl & commercials. Only thing more boring to me is Sarah Palin. #fb #
  • Is the Stuporbowl over yet? #fb #
  • The boy’s g/f & I were both glad I wasn’t home today: so she could watch the Stuporbowl, & so I could NOT watch it. I wrote instead! #fb #
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