The Daily Tweets 2011-01-28: Common sense v. Alaska Commons sense

  • RT: @alaskacommons: If I hear words “common sense” put before a policy, I’m going to assume you’re lying. Poorly. // alaskacommons sense? #
  • @Scallywag195 Enjoyed your account of last night walks when I opened up my tweets this morning! in reply to Scallywag195 #
  • RT: @thefuturefire: RT @rosalarian: What they’re doing to LGBTs in Uganda is genocide. // Yes #
  • RT: @thefuturefire: & if any other group being legally persecuted subject to state sanctioned violence & murder there wd be intl sanctions. #
  • RT: @adndotcom: Second accuser took the stand in trial of ex-APD officer. “I said ‘no,'” she testified. #
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