The Daily Tweets 2011-01-27: Rollins trial, day 3

Today, the Anthony Rollins trial was livetweeted by Christine Kim of KTUU Channel 2 News & also by photographer Ken Fankhauser.  See their Twitter feeds for their actually tweets (since I didn’t retweet them).

  • RT: @alaskacommunity: Op-ed in the Anchorage Press by Mel Green on the Anchorage LGBT Discrimination Survey. #fb #
  • Today, @christineKTUU is tweeting Anthony Rollins’ trial – ex-APD officer accused sexually assaulting 6 women while on-duty. #fb #
  • RT @Ch2KTUU Follow Christine Kim as she reports from the Rollins trial @christineKTUU #
  • Palin utters nonsense. What else isn’t new but is treated as “news”? #sputnik #wtf #
  • RT: @redrummy: Each time you RT “your birth year+age=111” meme a Chinese student w/ elementary math skills takes your child’s future job. #
  • @photogfank also tweeting Anthony Rollins’ trial. #fb #
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