The Daily Tweets 2011-01-12: Brisbane floods 2

12 Dec 2010: Kayaker on the Brisbane River

12 Dec 2010: Kayaker on the Brisbane River (before the floods)

The above photo I took on a sunny Brisbane day in December, about a week into my visit to Australia, from just outside the State Library of Queensland on the South Bank.

In contrast, this video of kayakers in the flooded West End, not far from where the photo above was taken.

Today’s tweets are, like yesterday’s, mostly retweets of Australian sources on the flooding in Brisbane (& to some extent Queensland at large).  While this post is dates January 134, in Brisbane it was January 14, a day during which the Brisbane River peaked at 4:00 AM local time at 4.6 meters, about a meter less than originally feared.

But still bad enough.  It will take some time for the floodwaters to subside, and even longer for Brisbane to clean up and recover.  And there’s the rest of Queensland to consider as well: there was large-scale flooding in other portions of the state for weeks before it hit Brisbane, and more is going on as I write.  Other parts of Australia are also experiencing flooding.

The Queensland Government has launched the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal whereby funds can be donated online to assist families & communities who in some cases have lost everything to the flooding. There’s a number of ways to donate, including online using major credit cards.

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