The Daily Tweets 2011-01-07: Last night in rainy Bris

Soddenday in Brisbane

Soddenday in Brisbane. Torrential rain while we taking a walk sent us diving for shelter. The rains led to catastrophic flooding over the next few days, including loss of life.

Normally it’s “sunny Bris” — but as several U.S. correspondents have noted (& certainly Queenslanders have!), there’s been lots of rain in Brisbane & Queensland overall lately, & lots of flooding in some areas of the state. I wasn’t directly affected by flooding except to be forced to divert a little from the walk I took this morning with Sian & Australian cattle dog puppy Cuinn this morning.

  • Last night in rainy Brisbane. Tomorrow AM I begin the 36-hour, 4-flight trip back to AK (incl. 10-hr layover at LAX). #oztrip #fb #
  • Had a beautiful walk this morning in the semitropical soddenday rains of Brisbane. V soggy, but still great. #oztrip #fb #
Sian & Cuinn the cattledog puppy overlooking a flooded park

After the rain relented a little, we continued our walk. This is Sian & Cuinn the cattledog puppy looking over a flooded park.

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