The Daily Tweets 2010-11-11: NaNoWriMo write-in

Twitter Tools (a WordPress plugin) keeps on malfunctioning and posting the days tweets with the wrong date and several hours later than they’re supposed to be posted.  So I keep on having to come in & change the date, post name, etc.  It’s annoying.

But at least they finally post.

November 11, 2010: Veteran’s Day; and also Day 2 of the Alaska Division of Elections count of write-in ballots in the Alaska U.S. Senate election (or, in twitterspeak, #AKSen); and also a different kind of write-in: a NaNoWriMo write-in wherein crazy “write a novel in a month” writers gather together to drink coffee… and write!

All but one of the rest of the tweets are from the NaNoWriMo write-in, where I kicked some serious butt.

  • At Brayton @KaladiBrothers in Anchorage for another #NaNoWriMo write-in. I stand at 17,122 words, gonna see if I can get to 20K tonight. #fb #
  • Wow, 513 words in 15 minutes? I just won a #NaNoWriMo word war? How can this be? I usually at in the low 300s in that time! #fb #
  • 584 words that time. Good grief, what’s with me tonight? Not complaining, mind you. (but this time I got beat. that’s OK.) #NaNoWriMo #fb #
  • Just 855 more words to 20K (& being again a full day ahead of the #NaNoWriMo game). #fb #
  • This 15 minute #NaNoWriMo produced the number of the beast: 666 words. Geez, I’m kicking ass tonight. #fb #
  • 2802 words so far tonight. Only 76 words away from 20K. Booyah! #NaNoWriMo #fb #
  • #NaNoWriMo words since I got to Kaladi’s: 3452. Notw at 20,574 total. I rock. #fb #
  • RT: @audiocloud: Finally reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hess after a decade of “waiting.”// One of my favorite most influential-to-me books. #
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