The Daily Tweets 2010-11-10: #AKSen vote count proving it’s not “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” no matter what she calls her crappy reality show.

Tweetmap: Sarah Palin's Alaska

Today was the first day of counting write-in ballots in the Alaska U.S. Senate race, which is now (Scott McAdams having conceded) between incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowki, the write-in candidate, and Sarah Palin’s favorite Joe Miller.

Meantime, we’ve been hearing plenty about this Sunday’s premiere of Palin’s [un][sur]reality show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”.  The above screenshot is from the Washington Post‘s review of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, which included an embedded of Alaskans’ Twitter tweets about the (un)reality show.

And there I am, and there’s the first few words of my tweet, the full test of which is included in the title of today’s post.

The day’s tweets:

Here’s a photo (taken February 4, 2010) of the fata morgana referred to in the post linked a few tweets up:

Fata morgana

This was taken from the taller of two Denali Towers in midtown Anchorage, showing downtown Anchorage with Mt. Foraker (left), Denali (middle), & fata morgana (right) in the background.  Fata morgana are optical illusions particularly common in polar or other cold regions: there really aren’t really any mountains north of Denali visible from Anchorage, except with fata morgana.

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