The Daily Tweets 2010-11-08: First snow

First snow at UAA

This was a “First snow at UAA” photo I took on October 26, 2006. Four years & change ago; but it’s much as the UAA/APU Consortium Library will look every morning on my way to work from here on out, until breakup next April or May.

(Except I won’t be going to work every morning in December. I’ll be in Australia, sweating. Heh.)

Here’s the day’s tweets:

  • Snow last night, lots of people running late today. #
  • RT: @APDInfo: Weather Driving Alert (Cont.) Please advise drivers to avoid hilly areas. 0000-0915 hrs – 34 accidents, 2 w/ injuries, 54 VIDs #
  • RT: @APDInfo: Weather Driving Alert – All Anch roads w/ hills, esp. downtown, midtown & hillside are treacherous due to extreme icing. #fb #
  • Bent Alaska: @ImFromDriftwood Story Tour in Alaska November 9-12 #
  • RT: @APDInfo: 11-8-10 Driving Alert (UPDATE) 00:00-15:00 hrs – 86 collisions, 4 injury collisions, 91 VIDs and this before evening commute! #
  • Joe Miller’s campaign slogan was modeled closely after Sarah Palin’s: “I’m a victim.” #fb #
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