The Daily Tweets 2010-11-06: A lovely NaNovember day (7.5K words)

NaNoWriMo participant 2010Saturdays are writing days for me. But in November, every day’s a writing day, thanks to NaNoWriMo  — National Novel Writing Month.  We’re now a week into NaNovember, as I call it, & I started it way behind.

But by the end of the day, with another 7,500 words written, I was ahead of the game.

I started at Side Street Espresso, my favorite writing venue.

  • At Side Street writing. Goal today: 7K words would bring me even in #NaNoWriMo #fb #
  • Progress report: so far about 2K words of my 7K goal for today. #NaNoWriMo #fb #
  • Was recently joined at Side Street by @nethenekhthon who is busily tapping away across the table from me now. in reply to nethenekhthon #

When Side Street closed at 3:00, we moved over to the downtown Kaladi Brothers in the corner of the PAC.

(Don’t worry, downtown coffee drinkers: Kaladi eventually got its key back.)

  • At 3.5K words for the day so far, halfway to my day’s goal of 7K. #NaNoWriMo #fb #
  • 5K words today so far. About to go catch a bus, will see if I get another 2K tonight or not. #NaNoWriMo #fb #

I finished my writing day at home.

  • 6K words. just 1K to go tonight for #NaNoWriMo #fb #
  • Did it: met my goal, & then some. 7.5K words today, bringing me to 11,125 total #NaNoWriMo words (now a little ahead of the game). #fb #
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