Election night Tweets 2010-11-02: Alas, poor Yorick, we now foster hope write-in voters spell’d abhorr’d Murkowski’s name right. Our gorges rise.

Making a face (085/365)

My overall response to this year's election. But at least I get to go to Australia. And at least I kept a sense of humo(u)r when tweeting last night, which beats getting depressed.

  • Dammit, if Joe Miller wins, I’m going to Australia. This isn’t an empty threat. I really mean it. Here’s why: http://bit.ly/cSQ2Ky #
  • Turning off FB, Twitter, Google Reader, Google News, NPR in favor of iPod. My challenge: no election news until midnight. Can I do it? #fb #
  • Besides, we’re now in NaNovember. Gotta start writing lots tonight. #fb #

[That was at about 4:20 PM.  But I didn’t shut off my email, & at about 11:20 PM, succumbed after getting an emailed news brief from the Anchorage Daily News….]

    • Oops. Wasn’t able to make it all the way to midnight w/out checking election results. Better “write-in” than Miller. Still going to Oz. #fb #
    • But I will comfort myself w/ NaNo writing & Battlestar Galactica soundtrack, which reminds me: we’re at least not under Cylon attack. #fb #
    • Granted Koch Brothers & Tea P. candidates ~ bad as Cylons: singleminded monotheistic monocultural intolerant toaster robots from hell. #fb #
    • Tonight not your night, Scott, but there will be other nights! You were the only candidate w/ class & grace in this year’s AKSEN race. #fb #
    • FiveThirtyEight reports Rasmussen WAY the frak off in Hawaii Senate race: by 42 points! Way to go, Rasmussen: 538’s worst poll award! #fb #
    • @redrummy The other thing comforting me tonight: a 22 oz. bottle of Midnight Sun’s “Monk’s Progress.” Those Belgian monks know how to brew. in reply to redrummy #
    • Now I will return to my character Esti Gusev, contemplating stars from Biblis Tholus midway between Olympus & Pavonis montes on Mars. #fb #
    • @redrummy I reckon those Belgian monks will have descendants on Mars too, to inspire my character similarly to how I am inspired tonight. in reply to redrummy #
    • Shakespearian aside: Alas, poor Yorick, we now foster hope write-in voters spell’d abhorr’d Murkowski’s name right. Our gorges rise. #fb #
    • Bright spot, Alaska: we may yet proudly hold our middle fingers aloft and declare: Mama Grizzly, so there! #fb #
    • And now I’ll say: given gen’l unhappiness w/ both R & D, when will we wake up? this system is a SYSTEM. Which is broken. Full stop. #fb #
    • No candidate, no winner, can save us. Broke & broken. The whole system need adjustment, needs fixing…. #fb #
    • The new Congress will be as dysfunctional, in terms of the needs of the PEOPLE (which is not same as PARTY) as the old…. #fb #
    • The U.S. — Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, what have you — is in hock to the demands of Big Business & Big Ideology… #fb #
    • … we ALL shop at the company store, where supposedly competing products are all identical but for the labels. #fb #
    • … but for tonight… Sarah Palin’s Alaska … is not, after all, hers. Nya nya nya. #fb #
    • Happy to find Justice Dana Fabe retains seat on AK Supreme Court, despite creepy Cylon Christianist toaster robot from hell campaign. #fb #
    • Judge McKay: I’m OK you’re retained despite my vote against: but take 41% against retention as a shot over the bow: DON’T DRIVE DRUNK! #fb #
    • @redrummy But consider Justice Fabe: that race much closer than shoulda been: Jim Minnery & his Cylon robot toasters from hell… in reply to redrummy #
    • @redrummy .. will continue to attempt to overthrow sanity in judiciary. b/c Jim Minnery & his roasty toasty closeminded robots… #
    • @redrummy … are CREEPILY CLOSEMINDED. They’d eradicate you & me both, if they had their way. #
    • @redrummy Besides, much as I respect AJC, they didn’t convince me on Postma. I voted to retain. Sorry Postma, back to law practice for you. #
    • @907natalie @AncRider @redrummy System broken. We shd be talking w each other, not voting on stupid ideologies/ #
    • RT: @redrummy: Bright spots in AK’s predictably sad election: 1) FU Joe Miller; 2) FU Jim Minnery; 3) Welcome back Justice Dana Fabe! #
    • @redrummy Shakespeare again: Lady MacMamaGrizzly doth quoth: Out out bright spot! In reply, we do not quoth: but middle fingers hold aloft #
    • @redrummy: Glad to hear! We aims to please! Just the latest in a series of averted apocalypsi. (AK is the most recent hellmouth.) #
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