The Daily Tweets 2010-10-27

  • Listening to Steve Heimel interview Joe "I naively didn't know it was stupid to hire militia goon to guard me from journalists" Miller. #fb #
  • Joe Miller on KSKA (interview/call-in with Steve Heimel) just claimed that he has never refused to answer questions. What a liar, geez. #fb #
  • Joe Miller wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was born with a different utensil altogether: a forked tongue. #fb #
  • watching Rachel Maddow in AK & seeing familiar faces. hi John & Heather Aronno, you Alakska Commoners! #fb #
  • @DAKGirl Sure looks like it was fun. Maddow put a great show together too. in reply to DAKGirl #
  • Tank Jones thinks ther's no antigay biz in Ak!?? where was he during the Summer of Hate? #fb #
  • Joe Miller to Rachel Maddow: homosexuality is a "state matter". WTF? the state is gonna tell me whether I can be who I am? #fb #
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