The Daily Tweets 2010-10-14

  • Listening to some stupid Repub candidate on NPR blame economic probs that Obama inherited from Bush on Obama. Jerk. #fb #
  • Only intelligent thing he's said: both Repubs & Dems just as responsible for ethical probs in D.C. #fb #
  • The boy bought a car yesterday. Classic red Alaska used beatermobile w/ big dent & twitchy turn signals, a chariot w/ which he will… #fb #
  • … rescue Rapunzel from the tower where she is being held captive. Well, not literally a tower. More like an old trailer…. #fb #
  • … & her hair's black, not golden. But the story is still true. I'm v. proud of my nephew-by-adoption, a working class Prince Charming. #fb #
  • And less than pleased w/ his future in-laws abusively controlling behavior re: their daughter, who's not their possession, but her own. #fb #
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