The Daily Tweets 2010-08-26

  • Oops better close twitter _and_ email , it's giving me ADN news briefs. I don't want to hear nasty election news until tomorrow thanks! #fb #
  • Stupid primary results do not end the world. So said the bald eagle flying overhead just as I was catching my bus this morning. #fb #
  • The boy is now out of Job Corps, looking for work, & a little shocked at how much it'll cost for him to be added to my auto insurance. #fb #
  • Windows 7: What part of "autohide the taskbar" do you not understand? #fb #
  • Why is it that when Alaska makes natl headlines, it's always about a disaster? Exxon Valdez… Palin.. Stevens plane crash.. Joe Miller. #fb #
  • Just took a phone call from a student turns out is related to my junior high music teacher (NW Montana early '70s). #fb #
  • RT: @beardedjon: RT @northpolemama: Generally those who voted yes on 2 are those whos kids afraid to tell them the truth about their lives. in reply to beardedjon #
  • @redrummy Except that Teabagger hell was never AK's past — we used to have a pretty cool political culture. in reply to redrummy #
  • @redrummy … and daughters were the property of their abusive parents. in reply to redrummy #
  • @redrummy As if to underscore, learned last night my kid's g/f (age 18 legal adult) IS NOT ALLOWED BY HER PARENTS TO VOTE!! in reply to redrummy #
  • @redrummy They also won't let her know her SSN. I got tres pissed, told her dad face to face it was utter bullshit. Prob. illegal too. #
  • @redrummy Give a whole new meaning to Hickel's stuff about an "owner state." [gnashing of teeth] #
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