The Daily Tweets 2010-08-13

  • Today: pre-colonoscopy liquid diet. Ensure drink I was allowed for bfast had 41g carbs. Bleh too much. Wish it was whey protein instead. #fb #
  • Cautioning coworkers: Don't drink that quart of Gatorade I put in fridge. You wont' enjoy the results. Mmmm mmmm Mmmiralax. #colonoscopy #fb #
  • RT: @MariKurisato: Thx, I can't have a cookie today anyway. On a liquid diet today & working to make #colonoscopy a Twitter trending topic. #
  • Prep schedule item: 10 AM: "4 Dulcolax pills." Still working on making #colonoscopy a Twitter trending topic. #fb #
  • Steve Haycox on Talk of Alaska w/ Steve Heimel: a good case cd be made that Ted Stevens was most important single figure in AK history. #fb #
  • @redrummy I'm following dr's orders for screening colonoscopy tom. at Prov. Normally I don't take laxatives, stool softeners, or Gatorade. in reply to redrummy #
  • @redrummy The joys of being over 50. But I'm told that normally I should only have to do this once ever 10 years or so. #
  • Lunchtime: potluck for departing coworker. But for me on my pre #colonoscopy liquid diet? Warmed-up organic chicken broth. Mmmmmmmm! #fb #
  • RT: @Inked_Tigress: That teen girl sounds very LIKEable. #
  • Gatorade with Miralax: sports drink of choice for the constipated athlete. (Or for someone prepping for tomorrow's #colonoscopy ) #fb #
  • A shoutout to my friend Marcia, who in honor of my forthcoming #colonoscopy called to regale me w/ the Rotorooter theme song. #fb #
  • Don't follow @redrummy too close @ShardAngel or he'll give you a #colonoscopy #
  • @redrummy @ShardAngel i mean, dont stop too fast! clearly all this propylene glycol is crapping up
    my thinking #
  • In prepping for my #colonoscopy prep, I should have called up NASA & ordered up pne of those astronaut diapers. #2020HINDsight #fb #
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