An evening of work, & I’m not quite through March 2010 in my restoration of my hacked blog.

But thank goodness it’s been just an evening to get posts back in shape that took hours upon hours upon hours to construct in the first place.  Notably: my Sullygate timeline, which most deservedly received the tag — & is also notable as the second most popular post I’ve ever written on this blog.  (The first most popular, on Palin’s 2 million dollar meme, also received that tag.)  The Sullygate timeline also got lots of discussion: 48 comments (many of them mine in response to reader’s comments/questions) — but getting them added back to the post will have to wait, because I’m not going to not get a good night’s sleep for that post again.

Besides, thanks to the need to restore a lot of formatting, that post has made my hand just about as sore as it did the first time around.  Owie.

It was good work I did back then.  I’m glad I did it. But reliving the Sullygate controversy (we’re still waiting on results of the independent investigation authorized by the Anchorage Assembly) through this evening has been a strong reminder, if I needed one, of how much that kind of work does not feed my soul.  Tomorrow is Saturday: I’ll be heading downtown to Side Street for a good day’s writing. And maybe I’ll complete this blog recovery job Sunday.

Now it’s time to head for bed: a good night’s sleep, and some kinder treatment of my hand.

Getting love (049/365)

But first — I think I’ll make me a backup, just in case someone decided to try to hack my blog again over the next couple of days. Because I just really really really don’t want to have to do this again.


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