Partial restoration

Drinking Envy (032/365)

A smidgen of rearrangement, a bitty bit of security hardening, & my blog is partly restored, through to Feb. 25.  Happy Birthday To Me.

I’ll drink to that.

Really.  I’m gonna grab me some of the fine Moose’s Tooth microbrewery Pipeline Stout courtesy the Bear Tooth growler I have sitting in my fridge, & I’ll sit down at my Mac, & I’ll work on the rest of it.  A bit of copy & paste, don’tcha know, & it needs some beer.

This i’s what I get for being less than on-the-spot with backing up my WordPress MySQL database.  But it’s all good.  I’ve lost very little, thanks to my feeds having gone into Google Reader, and a couple of other items still cached in Google Search.  I’m sure that Mayor Sullivan will be happy to know that no, I haven’t lost any of that precious Sullygate stuff: you’ll see it again shortly, those who have been missing it.  The older Palin stuff is already back, along with all the other political stuff from last year.  But most importantly: my writing stuff still nice & safe.

Followers of my blog will know that I haven’t been posting a heck of a lot lately. That’s because I had a lot going on what with a long visit from my beloved Ptery & a deep focus on learning more web design geekery for my job.  Perhaps you’ll be pleased to know that this whole inconvenience is leading me back into improvements on my own website, not just the one I’m responsible for at work, & I’ll be back to blogging more too.

I must say it was nice to see how many hits I’ve gotten just since lunchtime on my  “Oops” post.  Can that word possibly be as much as a draw as the word “Palin”?  Oh, of course… it’s because those terms are so similar in meaning.  Right.

For the record, the beer I was drinking in the photo above was not Pipeline Stout.  It was Envy, a pilsner from another fine Alaska microbrewery, Midnight Sun Brewing Company.  Cheers.

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