The Daily Tweets, 2010-06-17: IE bugs

  • IE bugs hack hack hack. It’s time someone took Internet Explorer out into the back 40 & shot it. #
  • @gayanch I’m interested in learning MODx too but admin interface looks intimidating to non-geeks here who will also need to use it. #
  • @gayanch Which is one reason I picked Joomla. Plus large user base & longer history. But: read Joomla’s info abt keeping it secure! #
  • @redrummy In this case IE7 & 8, which while much less buggy than IE5-6 still renders many CSS floats improperly. I use Firefox myself. #
  • Celebrating the (IE) buggy: Created a bookmark folder for website work dedicated to Internet Explorer bugs & hacks. They are so many. #fb #
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