The Daily Tweets, 2010-04-01: Girl Scout cookies made me queer

  • Out of the grey, finally, after five days in it. Much better. #fb #
  • Fox Nation Punks Itself with Global Warming “News” Story #
  • Now the Republican National Committee is sending out fake-census fundraising letters w/ a dial-some-phone-sex number. #
  • Sean Hannity calls Tea Partiers “Tim McVeigh wannabees” – & they cheer. Yes. They cheer a terrorist mass murderer. #fb #
  • Context on Hannity’s “Tea Partiers = Tim McVeigh-wannabes” comment from Raw Story. Sarcasm? Or clever like a Faux? #fb #
  • Ex-governor quitter’s Faux show profiles people “Who Have Never Given Up”, unlike her. #
  • Girl Scout cookies made me queer. Or, at least, that’s what Jim Minnery seems to think. #
  • Christianist terrorist sentenced — a new definition of “pro-life.” #
  • @celticdiva My condolences. in reply to celticdiva #
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