The Daily Tweets, 2010-03-19: Who gets to keep their money, the state worker who embezzled $724,000 or the trust w/ the payout from a hinky $193,000 “life insurance policy” from the Municipality of Anchorage?

  • Sorry, Jude Law — ‘Repo Men’ just sounds stupid to me, with a really dumb premise. #
  • State worker caught for embezzling $724,000. (Shoulda taken out an insurance policy with Muni of Anchorage instead) #fb #
  • Oooh! _Deceiver_, Cherryh’s new book in the Foreigner series, is due out May 4!!! #
  • For lunch today: tuna, carrots, celery, & further work on my mondo #Sullygate timeiline. #fb #
  • RT: @nicolaz: Wow, check out the first comment here – // Homophobic idjit doesn’t know diff b/t Lambda & NAMBLA. #
  • Pawsore. But almost done w/ the #Sullygate timeline. Shd be able to finish tonight after Caprica & pizza & Tiger balm for my poor achy hand #
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