The Daily Tweets, 2010-02-18: Senatorial soul-searching

  • Per U.S. Census Bureau, percent of people who speak English less than “very well” in Alaska: 4.8%…. Sarah…? #
  • RT: @jamielang: Yay for breakup! // Just our annual “fake breakup.” But I like it anyway. #
  • Sexting & “what it means to be a girl.” Here’s Christianism for you – do I hear “Handmaid’s Tale”? #fb #
  • Joe Stack, the Austin plane crash suspect: online diatribe/suicide note — Terrorism? desperation? what? #
  • Murkowski: Time for economic soul searching in AK. How abt soul searching your relationship to oil lobbyists, Senator? #
  • @nethenekhthon @cadaverousapple Dammit I have this feeling I’m gonna be alone there tonight. in reply to nethenekhthon #
  • @cadaverousapple I know, you’re just trying to get back at me for that crack I made abt not being in h.s. anymore a couple months ago. in reply to cadaverousapple #
  • Heading off for 3rd Thursday NaNoWriMo mtg — unlike 2 of my recalcitrant “life got in the way” fellow writers. Dammit. #fb #
  • @beardedjon Yo Jon, NaNoers have been meeting 3rd Thursdays every month even between Novembers. #
  • @cadaverousapple Giselle was there & Keri. In fact 5 people including me. But Denny’s double-booked AGAIN. #
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