The Daily Tweets, 2010-02-11: Another leak in my ceiling, more gnashing of teeth

Another leak into my ceiling

Just when the neverending saga of the leaks into my ceiling was about to end, it neverended. Tonight I came home to the above, a big blister of water that had leaked into my ceiling right in front of my bathroom. At least it doesn’t have any bookcases under it this time.

More pics after the tweets.

Some more views of the big blister. Really — the damn thing was as big as the light fixture. Looks like there might be a couple smaller blisters forming up just inside the bathroom, too.

Another leak into my ceiling

I don’t know if this is from another leaky pipe, or if the upstairs neighbor’s toilet went wonky again. I just want it oooooooover!

Another leak into my ceiling

So I called my maintenance guy Jon to let him know I was going to drain the blister, but I still had, y’know, yet another damn leak. He said he’d stop by tomorrow to take a look, but probably wouldn’t be able to fix it until Tuesday. Okay. He suggested I also poke a hole through the ceiling proper so whatever was leaking could drain out into the bucket I have on the floor under this. Okay.

But there turned out to already be a hole.

Another leak into my ceiling

Frakkity frak frak frak.

Another leak into my ceiling

No, please don’t helpfully tell me to move. I hate moving. I like the location where I live, close to several bus routes & within walking distance of places I like to go. It’s also a pain to get a place in Anchorage that takes pets. And doesn’t have stupid damn carpeting.

I just want it to be ooooooooverrrrrrrr!

At least it’s not over a bookcase, at least I don’t have to shove furniture around this time. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the other maintenance guy to fix the last holes in my living room ceiling, so I can put living furniture where it belongs.

This is the second winter with leakage problems. I reckon that winterizing my apartment means: shoving my furniture into the middle of the room & laying down a lot of tarps.


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