The Daily Tweets, 2010-01-29: Dollhouse ends, Caprica begins

  • RT: @CapricaSeven: #Dollhouse and #Caprica in one night?! You can do it! // Yes, & I will! #
  • Text LAMBI to 50555 to instantly donate $5 to @LambiFund of Haiti – Haitians need to be at CENTER of rebuilding process. #fb #
  • Following @LambiFund of Haiti: economic justice, democracy & sustainable development, working w/ local grassroots organizations. #
  • Joint statement: APD, ASD describe 3 similar abduction attempts in Anchorage. Make kids aware! don’t walk alone! #fb #
  • Dorky Fox airing final ep “Epitaph 2″ of #Dollhouse having never aired “Epitaph 1.” Good thing I saw it on Season 1 DVD. Fox #fail #fb #
  • @CapricaSeven Great show! Gives SF on TV a brilliant name! in reply to CapricaSeven #
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