The Daily Tweets, 2010-01-12: Faux Palin, Prop 8, DADT, & fresh produce

Love is Love

  • RT: @shannynmoore: Palin is to journalism what Dahmer was to cooking. // She should fit in quite well with Faux News. #
  • Mainstream media coverage of Cheney & Palin: stenography & “regurgitating press releases.” (h/t @celticdiva) #fb #
  • Bent Alaska: Prop 8 opening arguments and testimony (Day 1). #fb #
  • FiveThirtyEight: “Homosexual marriage is destroying the sanctity of heterosexual divorce.” (h/t Tiffany) #fb #
  • Mr. Corruption Bill Allen finally starts his sentence at Federal Prison Lite ™ in California. #fb #
  • RT: @nicolaz: RT @malindalo: AWESOME liveblogging of this morning’s #prop8 trial: #
  • RT: @celticdiva: White House Plans To Push For ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Repeal HuffPost – #
  • @miraclelaurie I’m v. glad to have “met” you via #Dollhouse, & hope to see you in other roles soon. Be sure to tweet about ’em! in reply to miraclelaurie #
  • Community supported agriculture: just joined Glacier Valley Farm CSA, 1st delivery of fresh produce on 1/27. Yum! #fb #
  • RT: @907natalie: [re: Glacier Valley Farm CSA] @yksin love them! fantastic group and always happy with their products. // Thanks Natalie! #
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