The Daily Tweets, 2010-01-04: Back to work

  • Back to work for the first time since the eve of Christmas Eve. Happy new work year! #fb #
  • One best recent thing in my life: finding that Natural Pantry now carries St. Dalfour’s Organic Black Cherry Tea. Having a cup now. Mmm! #fb #
  • RT: @CapricaSeven: Heh! RT @TheOnion NEWSWIRE: New ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Spin-Off Retells Story From Viewpoint Of Wife Who Hated It #fb #
  • RT: @CapricaSeven: Not actually true! Wives will love #Caprica! (Premieres Jan. 22!) // So will single dykes who love SF (& good writing!) #
  • Luke Skywalker’s Facebook status (& 4 other Star Wars FB statuses) — very funny! #fb #
  • No, I _don’t_ keep track of every faculty member’s every movement, even if they are in my department. #fb #
  • American Christianist bigots teach antigay crap in Uganda, then “surprised” by Uganda’s “execute gays” bill. #fb #
  • “The Science Behind Failed Resolutions” – interesting article on willpower from #fb #
  • Why Prevo is stupid: older people learn best when they challenge their own verities. Stupid people don’t. #fb #
  • I think no new blog post tonight: best is eat, row, & early to bed. #fb #
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