The Daily Tweets, 2009-11-29: A NaNoWriMo winner

  • Think deep, not kneejerk. Here’s a v. good question from @joshtpm: In politics, why do we believe what we believe? #
  • Sitting down for last bout of #nanowrimo writing: ~3272 words to write. Check back in a couple of hours! #
  • Music for final #nanowrimo writing: Gregorian chants. It’s what someone would be singing in the long dark between the stars. #
  • @pepitap Betch! You live! in reply to pepitap #
  • Across the finish line with 51040 #nanowrimo words. Now must compile my many separate files into one long file to upload & verify my win! #
  • @celticdiva Thanks Linda! My fingers, they be tired! in reply to celticdiva #
  • Verified #nanowrimo winner! Wow, & they counted 567 more word than I did, so I win I guess at 51,607. #
  • @Metafrantic Thank you! in reply to Metafrantic #
  • Why in hell is Showtime replaying last week’s ep of “Dexter” instead of the new ep that’s scheduled? Massive #fail! #
  • Dexter: Lithgow is even scarier than… Lila! (Is it possible?) #
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