The Daily Tweets, 2009-11-14

  • @nethenekhthon Twitter apps for iPhone/iPod Touch: TweetDeck (best) or Echofon. in reply to nethenekhthon #
  • Getting set for Saturday writing at Side Street Espresso. Should be there by 900 AM. #
  • @CapricaSeven I'm opting for leftover pizza, myself. #
  • 4077 words at Side Street today, which puts me at 22,530 #nanowrimo words — just 863 more words today & I'll be caught up. #
  • @nethenekhthon Thx! Only one other NaNoer there — Rob, w/ his wife. Tony Knowles came in for a couple hrs too, but he wasn't doing nano. in reply to nethenekhthon #
  • Got my unfunctional cable box swapped out. Now the hopelessly consumerist renter of a DVR. If only Jesse can figure out how to hook it up. #
  • Happiness is St. Dalfour Organic Black Cherry tea for the first time in about 4 years when Carrs stopped carrying it. Thx Natural Pantry! #
  • Twitter's retweet feature is ok, but doesn't permit you to edit/add your own comment to an RT like other Twitter clients do. #
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