The Daily Tweets, 2009-10-28

  • Alaska Amber Alert – child believed abducted near Patterson. Description should update shortly on AK Amber Alert page #
  • RT: @tonei: "Seemingly intelligent people often become stupid when it comes to [trans] issues." // Ossiander #
  • AK Amber Alert taking long time to update w/ info on child believed abducted near Patterson, just heard on KSKA. #
  • APD has Amber Alert: 12-yr-old Charlene Connelly possibly abducted by 16-yr-old Elijah Brewster — photos. #
  • Called Troopers to find out why Amber Alert page not updated. They're having issues w/ website but child is found apparently safe/okay. #
  • The only thing you don't deserve about that sentence Bill Allen is that it should be much more than 3 years. #
  • Pie Spy is wrong. One shouldn't stalk pie: one should forthrightly declare one's intent to eat more than one's fair share of it. #
  • Jerry Prevo & Jim Minnery being oppressed! No longer legally okay to assault queer folk for being queer! #lgbt #
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