The Daily Tweets, 2009-10-13: Your spearhead is wilting

  • Whiny “men’s rights” activists whining about the ‘feminization of SF” Your spearhead is wilting! #

[Update some years later, 19 Oct 2015:] The original malewhinge I tweeted about above has seemingly disappeared, as has the website it came from, which was called “The Spearhead.”  But the Fan History Wiki has a useful summary:

On October 9, 2009, a blogger by the name of Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech posted an entry at The Spearhead entitled “The War on Science Fiction and Marvin Minsky”. The posting claimed that science fiction was traditionally a “very male form of fiction” and bemoaned the increasing presence of women in the field and the supposed “feminizing” of the genre. Popular writer Joss Whedon was singled out as a “mangina”, the reimagined version of Battlestar Galactica was criticized for “castrating” male characters, and the presence of women in science fiction was also blamed for discouraging men from entering scientific fields as they had in the past. The article also pointed fingers at Dr. Who and Torchwood for the character of Captain Jack Harkness as an “omnisexual”.

Just reading the summary reminds me how pathetic the thing was. Get some Viagra, man! It’s also fun reading Fan History Wiki ‘s compilation of the titles of blogposts reacting to it.

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