Tired of kvetching about the Twitter Quitter? Snark about the Governator instead!

The Running Man

The Running Man: A game nobody survives. But we can do it if we #livesnark it together! (....though truth to tell it might be safer to watch Robot Monster.)

Announcing the First Official Every-Now-and-Then Livesnark Event on Twitter!

SnarkDate: Sunday, October 11, 2009!
SnarkTime: 2:00 PM Alaska time (6:00 Eastern)!
SnarkFeature: “The Running Man” (1987) starring Arnold “The Governator” Schwarzenegger!
SnarkLocation: The Twitterverse!
SnarkHashtag: #livesnark (exclamation point by implication but omitted in fact in order to prevent the unwary from inadvertently including it in the hashtag)

Snarkers of California are especially invited to join us: 3:00 PM Pacific time!

Call it “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” for the Twitter Age!  Pop “The Running Man” into your DVD player (or, godshelpya, your VCR!) at 2:00 PM Alaska time, and join us in snarking about it on Twitter using the hashtag #livesnark.

“The Running Man,” based on the 1982 novel of the same title by Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman, is the classic crappy science fiction that somehow still managed to get a few good reviews film starring Arnold “I have an extensive record of alleged sexual harassment of women but least I didn’t quit my job midterm” Schwarzenegger.  Join us for our festive trashing of this fine film & you can also see another celebrity former governor who served out his full term, former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura, as Captain Freedom.

Yes! Minnesotans of the Age of Ventura are also especially invited to join us: 5:00 PM Central time!

See also “Family Feud” game show host & former “Hogan’s Heroes” hero Richard Dawson as evil game show host Damon Killian, and other famous people some of whom are actors & some of whom are not (or, well, not usually) in this rousing tale of game-show-sanctioned murder, mayhem, & “the only thing missing here is Rambo”-ism.

The glorious idea for this trashfest originated on September 27, 2009 with @jansonjones of Floridana Alaskiana v2.5, after I somehow found myself watching another Arnold “Who would you rather have as your governor? Arnold or just about anyone other than him except Palin?” Schwarzenegger film, “Total Recall,” about which I was witnessed to tweet such compliments as:

  • “Total Recall”: should’ve been a Mystery Science 3000 movie. #
  • “Total Recall” is so bad you’d almost think it was a SciFi — er, I mean SyFy — Original Movie #

Mark that history. Mark it well. For it marks (if only because you marked it) the start of a new legend of the Twitterverse:

#livesnark forever!!!

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