Catching up

I’m still catching up from the weekend. It was a busy one. After work on Friday, on the way to the True Diversity Dinner, I went by the Hilton where members of Unite HERE Local 878 — hotel workers — were picketing outside the Mayor’s Unity Dinner; then the True Diversity Dinner itself; & then when I got home I stayed up till 4:30 processing photos from both events. (Slideshows are attached to the posts written on both so far.)

Saturday, after just three hours of sleep, I took a friend who has no transportation one of the farmer’s markets in Anchorage (& also got my grocery shopping in), then went on to writing at Side Street Espresso, which didn’t turn out much writing because I was so tired. From there I went to the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Alaska (GLCCA) for their open house, where I was one among several performers for that Mayor’s Diversity Month event.  (GLCCA, by the way, is operated by Identity, Inc., which was awarded the Excellence in Non-Profit Award at the True Diversity Dinner.)  And from there, on to UAA to hear Max Blumenthal, author of Republic Gomorrah.

Then I went home & crashed.  And had little energy Sunday, once I eventually got up, for anything but vegging.  The extent of my blogging activities yesterday was tweeting about what a truly bad movie “Total Recall” is — I don’t care what the reviewers said when it first came out — it sucked.  Read my Daily Tweets for yesterday to see just how much. I’m happy to say that two of my Twitter contacts were quite in agreement with me about it — we’re thinking about doing our own Mystery Science Theater 3000 takedown of that movie, with plenty of rum since, we agreed, rum is what a sucky movie like that will drive you to.  The Season 4 opener of “Dexter” was quite a bit better.

But all that by way of explaining — I’m behind on writing about the events that really made this an important weekend.  (Or in crossposting the relevant posts to Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis.)   I’ll see what I can do about it.

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