Q & A: What happens when you click "Volunteer" at the Alaskans for Parental Rights website?

The answer is in the graphic below. Click on the picture for a JPG of the graphic, or better yet, I’ve made a PDF version which you may distribute freely.

Here’s also an expanded text:

Q. What happens when you click “Volunteer” at the Alaskans for Parental Rights website?

According to its website,

Alaskans for Parental Rights (AFPR) is a coalition of concerned citizens working to secure the necessary 32,734 signatures that will give Alaskans the right to vote on the Parental Rights Initiative in the 2010 election.

AFPR is sponsored by Alaska Family Action (AFA), the non-profit and tax-exempt legislative action arm of the Alaska Family Council.

Its biggest concern is in changing Alaska law to require parental permission for a doctor to perform an abortion on an under-18 girl.  Alaska Family Council and its president Jim Minnery are the same folks who printed the red and white signs brandished by antigay protestors during this past summer’s battle over the Anchorage equal rights ordinance, AO 2009-64.

A. You get taken to the “Volunteer” page for the “Yes on 8” website.

Yes on 8 is the campaign in California to deny the equal right to marry to same-sex couples.

Here’s further evidence of linkages showing how Alaska’s Christianist right is dependent upon financial, organizational, and ideological support from outside the state.

Is “Alaskans for Parental Rights” really an “Alaskan” effort?  How much of its funding actually comes from sources in the Lower 48, just as prior Christianist campaigns in Alaska have also received hefty funding from outside the state?  For example, in 1998, during the battle over Proposition 2, which ultimately amended the Alaska constitution to define marriage as being only between “one man and one woman,” the pro-marriage equality group Alaskans for Civil Rights received only $35 from organizations from outside Alaska ($25 from the Philadelphia Task Force and $10 from Pride, Inc. from Macon, GA), according to APOC filings; but the antigay Alaska Family Coalition received $560,000 from outside the state.  In a post I wrote last May about same-sex marriage and Prop 2, I asked:

And was it really the Alaska Family Coalition, or was it rather the Coalition of a Few Conservative Alaska Figureheads Funded Mainly by Interests from Out-of-State who Might Have a Sister Living in North Pole or a Nephew Who Served in the Air Force in Alaska for a Couple of Years but Probably Not Even That?

A similar question applies now. Note to Alaska progressives: let’s keep an eye on how much money this latest effort is actually Alaska money, & how much of it is money from Outside Christianists interested in trying to control our laws.

The screenshots in the graphic were taken today, September 25, 2009. The link to “Yes on 8” will undoubtedly change once Jim Minnery and Alaska Family Council notices we’ve noticed.

Hat tip to D.S., who brought this to my attention.

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