The Daily Tweets, 2009-09-25

  • @createtomorrow Which link in which tweet didn't work? in reply to createtomorrow #
  • @createtomorrow I just checked all the links I've made in tweets Sep 22 through now, & all worked for me. in reply to createtomorrow #
  • Yesterday it was the PFD, today it's a buncha PDFs. Who do I love more, AK Permanent Fund Dividend Division, or Adobe? #
  • Briefly met Willie Hensley an hour or so ago — very cool. He told me was recently in Finland — his daughter married a Finnish guy. #
  • Visit the AK Repubs website lately? Must be run by teabaggers. You can tell by all the misspelled words. #
  • AK Repubs call hate crimes bill "Pedophile Protection Act," misspell Liberty Counsel "Councel." #
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