The Daily Tweets, 2009-09-17

  • Toilet saga: landlord slapped forehead this morning: he spaced it yesterday. Not lying – but will believe better if toilet works tonight! #
  • @jansonjones Between you & me, we’re sure having a lot of shitty tweets. in reply to jansonjones #
  • RT: @tonei: You know you’re in Alaska when: as of 9/15, it’s OK to use studded snow tires. (via @adndotcom) #
  • RT: @adndotcom: @MayorSullivan launches blog to allow “unfiltered access to the mayor.” Also FB page. #
  • @CrisAintMarchin Wow, I’d like to see that question get traction. Did you see the Canadian docco The Corporation? Corporation = sociopath. in reply to CrisAintMarchin #
  • Sotomayor: should corporations be treated llke “natural persons”? Good question, Justice! (h/t @CrisAintMarchin) #
  • For straight allies of the LGBT community: All you great allies: great resources here! (h/t @SistersTalk) #
  • Today’s music for doing publication layout by: Gamarna’s “God’s Music”, followed prob. by “Hildegard von Bingen” & “Vengeance.” #
  • Wiped out from difficult layout job; looking fwd to (1) toilet at home that flushes (it better!) & (2) Anch. NaNoWriMo meetup — WRITING! #
  • Goodness has happened: my toilet flushes again! #
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