The Daily Tweets, 2009-09-15

  • I knew there was a reason I avoid the Dowling roundabout like the plague. #
  • RT: @afdstatus: Truck 1 (Downtown), Engine 6 (Muldoon), and Tender 8 (O'Malley) are closed today. // This is messed up. Thx to firefighters. #
  • @katsylver Congrats on your five years! May you both have continued happiness. in reply to katsylver #
  • RT: @shannynmoore … RT @huffingtonpost When Getting Beaten By Your Husband Is A Pre-Existing Condition #
  • @jansonjones Thanks Janson! It really shouldn't need to be said… but I guess it does. Duh. in reply to jansonjones #
  • RT: @ancwontdiscrim8: OH House passes legislation banning discrim in employment & housing based on sexual orientation & gender identity. #
  • RT @adndotcom: Re lawsuit arguing Alaska tribes don't have same powers as in Lower 48…judge dismissed case. // GOOD!! #
  • Toilet still plugged up. O for the virtues of honey buckets. (making face) Landlord coming to fix tomorrow. #
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