The Daily Tweets, 2009-09-05

  • Got an idea for a short story, lesbo SF in my "Cold" universe. It all starts out w/ cargo pants & the Dark between the stars… #
  • Lindsay: "I often dreamed of being a bride. It's true. I suppose even dykes can't escape THAT fantasy." Uh… yes we can. I did. #qaf 117 #
  • Justin to Brian: "Being mean to me has never really worked. [kiss kiss] You should try another tactic." I love it. #qaf 117 #
  • RT ASD flooded with hate mail over Obama speech – KTUU: // Hatred hates education b/c hatred feeds on ignorance. #
  • In the immortal words of KSKA-FM's Bede Trantina: Yippee, it's Friday! #
  • Great job, @adndotcom : much easier to find stuff on redesigned Anchorage Daily News home page. #
  • Today's music for completing document layout by: Nordic music on shuffle. Värrtinä, Hednigarna, Loituma, Gamarna… #
  • @shadowmaat Has Waldo changed his shirt yet? He never changes it — I imagine it must be pretty darn stinky by now. in reply to shadowmaat #
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