My new couch

But first the old one.  Here’s my cat Väinämönen (but you can call him Vai) enjoying my old couch on its last day.

Vai enjoying the old couch on its last day

He doesn’t agree that there’s any need for a new couch. This one suits him just fine, thanks!

And why do we need a new couch, again?

But as part of my recent initiative to successfully be my own grown-up, I knew it was time for a change. The old couch, given to me by a friend over a decade ago, has done good service, and could even look pretty good, with the right blanket —

The old couch in its ideal state (except no cat)

But beneath its green Hudson Bay blanket facade, the poor old thing was pretty battered and worn. Ugh.

The old couch without its blanket... ugh

Besides, the springs below were falling through. Besides, the blanket was always having to be straightened out after getting rucked-up under our restless butts. Besides, with the way it kinda sank down, it was difficult for a couple of my friends to get up out of it.

Yes, time for a change. So last Friday I went down to Scanhome with my friend Marcia — I wanted her to test it out too — & picked out a new couch. Love seat, really, as the space avaialable in my apartment is too small for a full length couch. Here, after delivery, is the frame.

Frame of new couch (love seat, actually)

The style is Woodbury, which best I can tell is manufactured by a company called Renelle Futon in Surrey, BC. Pine frame in a honey finish. It’s got a fold-out ottoman with a separate cushion, and because the back will also lay flat it can be folded out full length into a full-size bed that will sleep two adults. But I don’t have the cover for the ottoman cushion for that yet, so I’ll just save pics of that for later.

My new couch with futon cushion

The cover is in a color called “Arctic Black.” The matching cover for the ottoman cushion (which I’ve got hidden away in a plastic bag for the time being, against dog & cat hair) is on order. I’ve also got two additional sets of futon covers on order — “Alexa apricot” which is a nice apricot orange, and “Alexa grasshopper,” which is a medium green.

Cat’s not too sure of it yet, so pics of him lounging on it will have to wait.

But I’m here.

Enjoying my new couch

(The book is Forty Thousand in Gehenna by C.J. Cherryh.)

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