The Daily Tweets, 2009-08-07

  • @jennylaufer: Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm plenty happy with Bluehost. Good price, great features, unlimited bandwidth. #
  • Coffey's tactic: Delay by "task force". But equal protections for LGBT in Anchorage needed NOW. #anclgbt #lgbt #
  • @jansonjones Wow, I've seen 'shrooms in lawn across from my apartment for several weeks. Some full grown (poisonous) Amanitas, too! in reply to jansonjones #
  • Palin accused of attempted bribery in court filing in Juneteenth case. #
  • @jansonjones Wonder how much amount of sunshine v. shade affects when 'shrooms pop up. Shady where I see them. Bet Ft Rich woods have lots! in reply to jansonjones #
  • Need music to finish layout on this years Project From Hell ™. Hmm… Led Zeppelin? Yeah. #
  • Sudden strong scent of cedar. My office suddenly smells like a national park gift shop. #
  • Finished final layout on the final report from this year's Project From Hell ™. Yay! I deserve a beer! #
  • How can this be August? It's not raining! The sun is shining! Are we in a space-time warp? Just in time for the weekend too! #
  • RT: @feliciaday: Just to be clear, Dollhouse Ep airing in UK only, not USA! <Happily, Epitaph One is on DVD, no angry tweets from me!> #
  • Too sleepy to do anything except be sleepy. Unless, perhaps, to simply sleep. #
  • Sleepy but want to finish tasty bottle of Midnight Sun Brewing Co's Cafe Amsterdam gruit. We brewed gruit ourselves ~ 2004, still have some. #

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