The Daily Tweets, 2009-07-30

  • @TheButchGuru Suggestion: more interest in your podcast cd develop if you wrote more about yourself on your website & tweets. #
  • Too focused on stuff today to tweet much. #
  • Came home to Dollhouse and Battlestar season 4.5 delivered to my door. Yeehaw! Can now watch Epitaph One! #
  • Wow — just watched Epitaph One — rocks! Congrats @ElizaPatricia @feliciaday top notch SF storytelling so glad #Dollhouse gets 2nd season #
  • Saw Epitaph One, now saw commentary – congrats to @MoTancharoen & Jed Whedon for brilliant storytelling – hope you write more #Dollhouse #
  • @CrisAintMarchin epitaph one was damn good eh? I watched it tonight too in reply to CrisAintMarchin #
  • Twitter is double broadcasting people's tweets tonight it seems. Or maybe it's a Tweetdeck glitch #

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