The Daily Tweets, 2009-07-14

  • Back in Anchorage. Cat ecstatic. #
  • Air's better than it was before I went on my trip. Cooler weather too, thankfully. Cat still ecstatic. #
  • @jansonjones Always follow through on what you say, whether w/ rewards or consequences. It's essential to trust. Listen w/out judgment in reply to jansonjones #
  • @jansonjones And congratulations. Is s/he born yet? All best wishes to your growing family! in reply to jansonjones #
  • Harry Potter will have to wait. Tonight I'm going to go hear Linda McCarriston read. #
  • Okay, I know I wanted it to not be so hot in Anchorage when I got back, but that doesn't mean I wanted it to be freezing in my office. #
  • RT: @tonei: How hetero is your twitter feed? – Stockholm Pride 2009 [But so wrong! it said I was 65% hetero! nooooo!] #
  • @tonei Obviously I need to pepper my tweets w/ more queerwords: dyke, queer, lesbo, LWord (sucked!), homo! Oh yeah, & Melissa Etheridge! in reply to tonei #
  • @tonei Let's take those as baselines & see how much we can improve our queer scores over the next week! lol in reply to tonei #
  • RT: @celticdiva: Mourning passing of former Anch Assemblyman Allen Tesche-fo many years the ONLY member who championed the "little guy." #
  • Heading back to UAA to hear Linda McCarriston read. #
  • @tonei Thanks — I've got the link fixed now. WordPress has sometimes buggy linking behavior, it's ticking me off! in reply to tonei #
  • Sitting here at Rasmussen 101 waiting for the reading to begin. Haven't seen Linda McC in a couple of years or more. #
  • Room's starting to fill up w/ all us literary types. #
  • Back from the reading. Uploading pics. #
  • What the hell is one of my bath towels doing on the ground outside the living room window? Hello, dogsitter Brendon? Hello? #
  • @jansonjones I forgive you. in reply to jansonjones #

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