The Daily Tweets, 2009-07-07 (Assembly public hearing #5)

Anchorage Assembly meeting

  • In Assembly chambers, been at Loussac abt 1 he. Pretty quiet, chambers not at all full. Mix of red & blue, blue in slight majority. #
  • Lots of people in shorts & tees.
    Me blue shorts blue tshirt dark blue Alaska for Obama vest tan bball cap sandals. & Equality Works pin #
  • Annoying red guy in front of me chewing gum w/ his mouth open. #
  • Been forgetting to use #anclgbt sorry #
  • Scuttlebutt is no more reason to fillibuster, so not so crowded. I’m out of touch 1st 3 wks did number on me (as well as my hands) #anclgbt #
  • Annoying red guy in front of me chewing gum w/ his mouth open not so annoying now I realize he’s simple somehow # anclgbt #
  • Assembly members mostly here & new mayor Dan Sullivan. His dad George vetoed first equal rts ord in 1975 or 76. #anclgbt #
  • Blue tshirt I’m wearing with message “evolve love” I bought through Cafepress from an FTM fundraising for his top surgery. #anclgbt #
  • Assembly mtg called to order. Sullivan being welcomed, Claman thanked for acting mayor & welcomed back to assembly # anclgbt #
  • Public testimony not till 700 or 730. Chambers uncrowded I she have no prob attending town mtg outside then returning #anclgbt #
  • Ordinance supporters: if you haven’t tetified come down sign up a testify. If you have testified get your friends. #anclgbt #
  • There’s chance testimony list cd be exhausted tonight w/ possible premature vote. Put on blue come down testify yes on 64. #anclgbt #
  • Big equal rights shoutout to Heather & John the Hawaii Honeymooners. The Assembly chambers just ain’t the same w/out you. #anclgbt #
  • 20 minute break, Ossiander said Assembly may not get all the way through remaining agenda but seems at least some 64 testimony #anclgbt #
  • Ossiander: “we believe we can zip through the rest of this agenda lockett split” – then 64 testimony #anclgbt #
  • Regardless of testimony I will leave 900 no later than 930 – 1 hr sleep last night. Counting on Mudpuppies live blog @ Mudflats #anclgbt #
  • Ord 83 discussion re illegal homeless campsites taking much time. I’m moved by the care of many here for big prob & people. But must go soon #
  • I’m heading home for some time w/ Jesse who is down here 2 days. And sleep. Still not on ord 64. Will catch up on it later. #

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