Sleeping in (047/365)

Another Tuesday, another evening of Assembly testimony.  I haven’t even yet been able to write about or hardly even gather my thoughts about the testimony of last week.  Two days of it, no less.

It’s the way of things, sometimes.  Life transposes.

Maybe you thought I was going to say Life interferes.  Actually, so did I.  But the word that came to mind was transposes.  In fact, it fits.

To transpose:

  1. To reverse or transfer the order or place of; interchange.
  2. To put into a different place or order: transpose the words of a sentence.
  3. Etc.

This makes more sense, actually, than to say Life interferes, which gives the false indication that life is some kind of obstacle getting in the way of — what?  Other life.  Particular things one wants to accomplish. Something like that.  But better, for me, to think of it as transposition, rather than interference: it’s simply switching the order of things.  Words in a sentence (something I do all the time when writing: ordering the words one way is sometimes rhetorically more effective than ordering them another way), actions in life.  It’s not necessarily bad.  It’s not necessarily interference.

This past week the transposition I’ve primarily had is: I need to sleep my way out of this exhaustion before I can think sensibly enough to write a damn thing.  Secondarily, it would be good to have reasonable food in the house, & a kitchen reasonably sorted out to fix it in.  Thirdly, my friendships are important to me, & must be maintained.

Over the past several days, these are the things I’ve been doing instead of writing.  After all, thanks to the decisions of Assembly Chair Debbie Ossiander, the repetitive testimony of the small if loudmouthed Christianist faction of the Anchorage (& Mat-Su) public will continue to drone on for quite awhile.  Plenty of time to write about that.  But sleep, food, friends — well, hey.  Those aren’t interference. Those are what keep my life alive.

More, then, to come.  Just in a different order.

Meanwhile, I did finally manage last night to get my PrideFest 2009 photos uploaded to my Flickr photostream.  Enjoy.

Anchorage PrideFest 2009

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