Identity Reports and One in Ten

Identity Reports (1989) and One in 10 (1986)

Identity Reports (1989) and One in 10 (1986)

I will be testifying about these studies at tonight’s Anchorage Assembly meeting. They are are online by following this link:

Update (6/17/09)

I’ve turned this into a “sticky post” so it’ll stay on top for awhile, to make it easier for people to find the study documents. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be writing some additional posts highlighting some of the important findings from this studies.  Keep tuning in!

Meanwhile, follow the tags to other posts about One in Ten and Identity Reports.

Update (7/14/09)

Obviously I haven’t yet written those additional posts.  I still plan to, but time being what it is….

Meanwhile, I’m going to unsticky this post, & create a different top-level sticky post with more current topics.

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