Working on the website

Taking some time out from blogging about the Anchorage equal rights ordinance, or about anything else for that matter, to work some on the website.  Used to be I had a website under the .nu domain, as well as some blogs at — still do, actually, but all their content has already or will be moving here (& I’ll be aiming the domain to come here too, once that content is moved), but I’m still in the process of organizing the website to be how I want it to look.

For the technically curious, I’m using WordPress for the main guts of this site; but I plan to use some of the other bells & whistles available at my (fairly new) webhost ( too. At the moment I’m figuring out what WordPress theme I want to use & how to customize it, so there’s gonna be a bit of morphing of appearance for the next little bit until I get it put together to my satisfaction.

For the content curious, despite my focus over the last few days on the Anchorage equal rights ordinance & LGBT political rights, I’m not primarily a political or even an LGBT political blogger.  But y’know, I’m doing enough of it that I’ll face reality & make that a main category of the blog.  Mainly, however, I am a writer/poet: hence the category Field of Words.  I also blog a lot about health, especially relating to insulin resistance, prediabetes, & diabetes prevention: hence the category Terveys, which is the Finnish word for health.  I also have a B.A. in Religion (Wellesley College, 1981), & continue to have an interest in religion & spirituality, not to mention my own little self-invented belief system, hence the category No Way Way.  The category Itse (Finnish for self) is for more personal day-do-day stuff, or a catch-all for other subject matter.  Other categories will come clear in time. (For example, Finndex, which will be for all things Finnish.  That I write about, anyway.)

But now: back to work.

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