On the fat loss track again

Been awhile since I’ve posted on the Teverys (health) blog (or, now that I’ve imported all my blogs to my new website, the Terveys category).

This one’s a quickie, just to say that I’m back on the fat loss track again.

Between February 18, 2008 & last August whensoever, I lost about 40 lbs.  (If you want exact: 41, but you should know that weight fluctuates naturally a lot within a day.)  But I was also low-carbing during much of that time, so some of that would’ve been water weight, which got added back again when I started eating more carbs again (thus restoring my glycogen stores, thus also the water that always attaches to glycogen).  I’m estimating then that over the winter I gained back in the area of 5 lbs. of fat, the rest water weight, for a net weight loss since last year of about 30 lbs.

As always, a better measure of fat loss than weight is girth.  Last year I had to buy new trousers because the old ones were too loose.  I also tightened my belt to the last notch.  Over the winter, I had to loosen my belt again.

But as of a few days ago, having gone to a somewhat loose version of a PSMF (protein-sparing modified fast) diet — “loose” in that I’m not being anal about making sure that my protein sources are the absolute leanest possible — I’m now back to the last notch of my belt.  Next steps, shortly into the future: a new belt, & maybe even some new trousers again.

As of this morning, weighed in at 177.0. (February 18, 2008: I was at about 210.0).

Guess today’s one of my “free meals” days though — doing a retirement lunch for one of my faculty members at Don Jose’s.  So sorry, I’m gonna have me one of them wonderful three-enchilada plates.  And a margarita.  Yum.

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