Alaska newspaper editorials against WAR

At least one of Alaska’s daily newspapers have come out editorially against the confirmation of Wayne Anthony Ross to be Alaska’s attorney general:

The ADN is doesn’t really like him, but is quite a bit more week-kneed:

Both base much of their argument on WAR’s antigay bigotry , with neither of them convinced that he can fairly act on the behalf of the LGBTQ* Alaskans.  That’s great — because we “lima beans” aren’t convinced, either.

But there’s plenty else to oppose him on too.

I’m interested to learn what the Juneau Empire might say.  After all, thanks to Palin’s refusal to abide by Alaska Statutes on the appointment of former state senator Kim Elton’s replacement, Juneau has been without representation in the Alaska Senate for quite awhile now — and Wayne Anthony Ross played an instrumental role in the latest iteration of Palin’s revolving-door fiasco.

My sympathies to the people of Juneau.  You deserve better.

So do the rest of us, also too. Step number one: reject Ross.

* LGBTQ: That’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, & queer, for those who aren’t quite so familiar with our alphabet soup.

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