A sea change in Alaska?

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve kept up this blog. Decided to start it up again.

Why now? Because I’m an Alaskan, & while I’d never intended this blog as a political blog per se, there’s a lot of political stuff in/about Alaska right now that’s got me riled up. Or something.

Governor Sarah Palin as a VP candidate, & the interference of McCain/Palin campaign flacks in Troopergate. Senator Ted Stevens on trial for corruption in Washington, DC. The possibility that both Ted Stevens & Representative Don Young will get tossed out of office by Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich & former state legislator Ethan Berkowitz, respectively. Alaskans waiting with bated breath for possible indictments of Don Young & Ted Stevens son Ben Stevens. Etc. etc.

A sea change in Alaska? Maybe, just maybe. I’d like to see one, I truly would.

More to come.

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