Weight loss chart 18 Feb – 12 Aug 2008


Here it is all in one pretty little chart: my weight loss since February 18 this year (41 pounds scale weight to date). The color swatches mark off the diet regimes I was following during each period. Lotsa jaggies during the TKD & PSMF periods: that’s due to water weight fluctuations from carbs consumed during free meals. But an obvious & very pleasing downward trend.

TKD stands for Targeted Ketogenic Diet — a low-carb diet in which carbs are consumed around workouts. PSMF stands for Protein Sparing Modified Fast — a very low-carb, low-calorie diet designed for maximum loss of bodyfat while preserving (sparing) the body’s protein stores (i.e., muscle). The PSMF regime I follow is from Lyle McDonald’s The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook.

The span of time marked “TKD (Start Walking)” marks when I was following a TKD during the last couple of weeks of meeting the major goals of my workplace Start Walking program — because no way could I have sustained the levels of exercise I was doing on a PSMF!

Oh yeah… & the period of “smooth loss” at the beginning was because I wasn’t weight myself daily then — I started doing that on Apr. 7 after I got a decent scale. (Also didn’t weigh daily during the vacation because I was traveling.) Otherwise, weights were taken daily, so that fluctuations are much more apparent.

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