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After 10 minutes of dancing & a morning row (5x500m/1:00r) & breakfast, today was all about errands, mainly food shopping with eye towards protein sources, having figured out midweek that I needed more calories per day & more protein than what I’d been eating. So, Natural Pantry, then Costco, where I also got some test strips for my glucometer so I can start checking my blood sugars again. I got a few extra steps (& some panic) by dropping my ATM card by the pharmacy counter & having to go back & find it later. (All came out well.)

And then in the evening, I completed the second week of the Beginner’s level of Turbulence Training. As usual, that meant about 30 minutes of strength training (bodyweight & dumbbell exercises) followed up by HIIT intervals on the erg (3×2:00/2:00r).

I see from reading Richard’s blog for today that Fairbanks got a new dump of snow that layered over recent signs of spring. So did we! — it was spitting snow most of the day, & the temps have gone down a bit as well.

Progress today: Dancing, rowing, walking, strength training, & the bonus 500 points from drinking a glass of water got me 20,236 steps or their equivalent, my best day so far.

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