A walking day

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Today was a break from rowing, but that didn’t stop me from dancing a half hour in the morning & walking, including a half hour or so at lunchtime back & forth across the UAA campus & then, in the evening, a longer walk with Jesse & his dog Sweetheart along the bike trails by Chester Creek.

We live just off Fireweed & C Street, which is advantageous for walking because any walk we take down into the Chester Creek valley means we’ve got to walk up a hill to get home. Not to mention the Chester Creek greenbelt is right down there. The bike trails of course are pretty full of snow, still, just as the one around Goose Lake is, but the walking wasn’t too bad so long as you had the right footwear for it. I was trying out the new light hikers that I bought last weekend, & they were perfect for conditions. Worst bit was going through the culvert tunnels under roads — pretty wet & icy down in those tunnels, but my footwear was up to it, didn’t even get my feet wet. Nor, more importantly, did I fall flat on my hiney or face.

We went as far as Minnesota & followed the bike trail up the hill overlooking Westchester Lagoon, up to West High, during which a bald eagle flew over us. And then along Spenard & Fireweed towards home, where we arrived in time for me to fix myself something to eat before plopping down for the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica.

Great way to start a weekend.

Progress today: Dancing & walking & a cool drink of water worth 18,544 steps or their equivalent.

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