Week 6 BFFM evaluation

As the end of my BFFM weeks, Sundays are also turning into my “official measurement” day. This week yielded some good results:

  • 2 lbs lost, according to the “caveat” scale, bringing me to a supposed 188 lbs., for a total of 12 lbs lost since Feb. 18. (I call it my “caveat” scale because of I know it’s somewhat inaccurate. A new one is on its way.)

However, the tape measure doesn’t depend on where exactly on the floor I happen to be standing, & it said:

  • another inch lost around my waist since last week, bringing me to 42″. (I was at 45″ when this whole thing began).

As an aside, the day prior to measuring day, I’d picked up some new trousers as Costco as I was badly in need. I looked for ones in 42″ waist, but when I brought them home, they were too loose a fit. Well, of course, some manufacturers are a little liberal in their sizing, so… but all the same, it was a nice surprise to have to take them back so i could trade them in for a couple of pairs at 40″ & a couple at 38″. All of them fit comfortably. I reckon that when all of the above grow too loose on me, I’ll give them to Boys & Girls Club & go get myself some new pairs. Meanwhile, I have more pairs of pants that (1) fit and (2) don’t make me look like a bum (as some of my long-lived jeans do).

I did all my planned workouts except two of the alternate-day http://terveys.turbulence.hop.clickbank.net” >TT “core” workouts, which are more or less optional anyway. But did do all three full TT workouts, which involved both strength stuff & HIIT, & rowing on all days except one rest day. Rowed 10K today.

Although I got all my eating from Tuesday on recorded, I didn’t finish getting all the macronutrient values for them looked up, so I was unable to evaluate my eating program yet.

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